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Custom software development

Gruyère systems: the Swiss company supporting you in all your projects’ completion: application, website, Excel plug-in, etc.

All our services are though to give you the most insight into the development process of your projects. We guarantee that you will, at any time, be able to keep track of the status of your projects through regular meetings throughout the development process. We also guarantee the confidential treatment of your data. We are only satisfied with satisfied customers.


A good start for us is when a project ends well!

Industrial software, professionals, plug-in, robots

Industrial software is very specific, it must be built and tested to guarantee its high availability. Take advantage of our experience to create the best tools for your software development projects, as well as your plug-ins (Excel, Meta trader, etc.), data monitoring (robots, etc.), devices or production lines and machine parameterization.



You want to test the feasibility of a project? We can assist you in producing software prototypes so that you can verify or demonstrate its viability for yourself or your clients. Take advantage of our specialized and dedicated team.




We offer web design and development services using the most relevant frameworks according to your needs.



We can test your applications in depth to ensure that they are as problem-free and polished as possible. It is very important to have the application tested by humans at several key stages of its production to fix ergonomics, functionality and stability problems before going into production.


In all your projects, we will assist you to identify, define, quantify and prioritize your objectives or needs.

Native applications

  • WPF
  • WinUI
  • C#
  • Linux server

Multi-platform applications

  • Uno
  • Avalonia
  • Xamarin
  • Wep Progressive App
  • Unity 3D


  • Excel
  • Jira Help Desk
  • Jira

Distributed computing

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Docker


  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Blazor
  • WordPress
  • WPA

Native applications

A native application allows you to use the maximum performance of your computer hardware. They are faster because they work only for one type of operating system (Windows, Linux…). Native applications are suitable for industrial software, prototypes, POC.

Cross-platform applications

If your users needs to use your application on multiple supports or operating systems, a cross-platform application is what you need.

Distributed computing

We can build and run applications for clusters to perform distributed computing to achieve complex calculations that can be scaled dynamically as needed.


Our plugins for Excel, Jira Help Desk, Jira… will allow you to significantly increase your productivity by providing you with a custom user experience of your favorite software. The plugins also simplify the training of your employees.

Productivity tool

If you have repetitive and/or tedious tasks in your process, you need to automate them as soon as possible to increase the productivity and usability of your software suite and free up time and energy for other activities. A good software suite should allow you to quickly get to grips with your process by eliminating complex tasks and reducing the number of steps.


We can train you in Agile work techniques to enable a smooth and efficient process for the realization of your projects, taking into account new organizational challenges such as the major breakthrough of home office.